PortaPack for HackRF One, Kit

$ 200.00

The PortaPack now has a high-accuracy TCXO clock reference!

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Add a PortaPack to your HackRF One software-defined radio, and leave your laptop behind! The PortaPack attaches to your HackRF and adds a touchscreen LCD, user controls, headphone jack, high-accuracy clock reference, real-time clock, micro SD card slot, and custom aluminum case.

When you attach a USB battery, you're ready to explore radio spectrum wherever you are. The PortaPack firmware runs on the fast ARM processors in your HackRF. No computer is necessary (except for programming firmware).

Firmware Demo

Here's a quick run-through of some firmware features:


Some features demonstrated in the firmware video:

  • SSB, AM, narrowband FM, wideband FM audio reception, with spectrum waterfall. [Details]
  • Wideband (18MHz) spectrum analysis and waterfall.
  • Monitoring of boat (AIS), automobile (TPMS), and utility meter transponders (ITRON ERT). [Details]
  • HackRF mode runs HackRF firmware for use with host computer SDR software.
  • PPM calibration for more accurate tuning.
  • Sleep mode saves power by turning off just the display.

You may also find the Mayhem firmware very interesting!

Open Source

The PortaPack is open-source -- hardware and firmware. The source files are published on GitHub. Contributions, forks, and bug reports are welcome!


  • 2.4 inch, 240 x 320 RGB LCD with resistive touch panel.
  • Low-profile controls (arrow keys, rotary jog wheel, and select button), easy to operate one-handed, with just your thumb.
  • Headphone/microphone jack, compatible with CTIA-style headsets (all Apple, most Android smartphones).
  • Improved tuning accuracy using a temperature-compensated clock reference (TCXO). The TCXO is accurate to better than 1ppm at typical operating temperatures.
  • Coin battery for preserving settings and date/time.
  • Micro SD card slot for data and code storage.
  • Strong and sleek milled aluminum case, anodized black.

The Fine Print

Some assembly is required. The PortaPack comes with a "spudger" (guitar pick) you can use to remove your HackRF One from its case. Bolts, washers, spacers and a wrench are included to install the two boards into the aluminum case. The assembly steps are documented in the support wiki and videos.

PortaPack does not include a HackRF One. You can buy a HackRF One from the Great Scott Gadgets retailers. Many PortaPack resellers also have the HackRF One, so you can purchase them together.

Your HackRF will continue to function with computer-based SDR software, when you put the PortaPack into "HackRF Mode".

PortaPack requires an external battery. Any USB-connected battery should work, though they vary widely in quality and poorly-designed batteries may inject voltage regulator noise into the radio.

The PortaPack and HackRF One will not replace your handheld ham radio receiver. Receive sensitivity varies from band to band, but will not perform as well as a true ham radio receiver.