PortaPack H1 Replacement LCD Screen

$ 10.00

If you've mishandled your PortaPack and broken the LCD screen, you can now buy a replacement.

It is important to find the version of your PortaPack. The version number is a small eight-digit number, written in white, near the LCD panel. Select the correct PortaPack version on this page, before ordering.

You may also order replacement displays directly from the manufacturer.

  • 20140826 and 20150901 PortaPacks: Kingtech DW0240A2BZ with resistive touch screen (RTP), configured in mode "IM[2:0] = 001" -- 16-bit MCU interface.
  • 20170522 PortaPacks: EastRising ER-TFT024-3 with resistive touch screen (RTP).

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